Auditing our services for success

As a building services engineering company, one of our central objectives is helping our clients ensure their occupants remain happy, safe and satisfied with the service they receive.

However, this process starts a long way from our customers' buildings. The quality of our client services falls under the watchful eye of our QHSE department. Quality, Health, Safety and Environment are the four key pillars of an effective management approach and, within Sowga, our QHSE team is responsible for creating practices that lead the standard and help us go from strength to strength.

From guaranteeing that we adhere to the latest Health and Safety policies internally and onsite, to overseeing management training, our QHSE experts provide the procedures and tools to support the work we do on a day to day basis.

It's one thing to believe your organisation is effective and compliant: knowing this is true is what really counts. That's why we undertake a regular programme of internal audits to ensure we're on track. Led by our QHSE department, we conduct routine site visits to check through the data to ensure information is being recorded correctly. Visits also include a survey to check on all aspects of our service from an external perspective. Rather than simply recording results, the information is then utilised to action any improvements via the relevant managers and engineers.

Auditing Sowga's services for success

We're proud of our culture of measurable results and continuous improvement. In addition to our own processes, our performance levels are also monitored by external auditors so that clients can be assured they are receiving the very best service in comparison to other market leaders.

Our work is accredited to a high standard and we recently added the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certificates to our suite of accreditations. Audited by the British Assessment Bureau, all our internal operational processes surrounding Quality, Environment, and Health and Safety were scrutinised to make sure we were operating to the high standards expected by the Bureau.

Accreditations help us reassure clients and win new business, as well as improving the bottom line by implementing processes that save time and money. ISO 9001 is particularly concerned with Quality. Described as a Quality Management System Standard, it is recognised across the world and is a kite mark of success.

Concerns around the impact of human activity on the planet have made the ISO 14001 particularly relevant and vital for forward-thinking businesses. This standard looks at organisations' Environmental Management Systems to mark performance against key criteria such as energy usage, waste and recycling. Helping to promote a positive ethos, this is an important way to engage our staff in environmental issues so they feel they can have a real impact.

For our working practices, the OHSAS 18001 certificate is particularly pertinent. In an engineering environment, ensuring the safety of staff and clients is our top priority and this accreditation helps demonstrate our credentials.

If you'd like to find out more about any of our standards and processes get in contact with our team today who would be happy to discuss our approach in more detail.

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Auditing our services for success

As a building services engineering company, one of our central objectives is helping our clients ensure their occupants remain happy, safe and satisfied with the service they receive.

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