A day in the life of a Sowga Estimator

As an Estimator in our Head Office, here in the heart of the Sussex countryside, Mark Edwards believes one of the best things about his role is the fact that no two days are ever the same. Whether he's working in Pulborough or conducting a site visit in London, his focus is on supporting our team of engineers and providing cost-effective solutions to our clients.

Mark is the first port of call for quotes for product orders and repair projects, and an important link in the chain when it comes to solving problems.

Mark began his professional life as an engineer which means he's just as much at home on site as he is in an office environment. Day to day, he relishes the challenge of working across all client projects and buildings, from elite residential spaces to some of the biggest commercial construction developments in the country.

We thought we'd speak to him to get an insight into the life of an Estimator on one random day:

When I'm in the office my commute only takes 20 minutes through quaint Sussex villages and picturesque countryside. I normally start work at 7am, but at the moment we're extremely busy so I'm in the office today by 6am. I begin by reviewing enquiries so I can plan my workload for the day ahead.

The atmosphere in our Pulborough office is friendly and welcoming which makes it a great place to work. By 11am I'm taking calls from onsite engineers, the helpdesk team, and consultants, so the ability to collate information and manage numerous requests at the same time is very important.

day in life of Sowga estimator

This morning I'm looking into a cost estimate for replacement filters on a client's Air Conditioning Unit, which has broken due to dust build-up from a nearby construction site. Damage and repairs aren't normally covered in our service contracts; however, our engineers save our clients considerable amounts of money by treating issues before they become catastrophic systems failures.

I tend to build a quotation by talking to our engineers or occasionally assessing the system first-hand with an on-site visit. In this case, I can get all the information I need by speaking to the team on the ground.

My role involves communicating with lots of different stakeholders, and by 12noon I'm on the phone again to wholesalers and suppliers to get an idea of costs for a number of ongoing repairs, as well as working out lead times. I've also got to arrange for an engineer to fix the women's toilets in a building we maintain, but this needs to be done out of hours to minimise disruption - managing labour and helping to fit around our clients is my main priority.

At 2pm I place orders for parts and materials, and advise the team on the best engineer for the job. I'm more than happy to speak to our field engineers directly to help them resolve issues and it's this problem-solving aspect of the role that provides the biggest reward. The rest of the afternoon is spent completing a CAD drawing that's been requested by a contract manager, and overseeing the delivery of materials to the office which requires a forklift truck to unload.

As Sowga's first Estimator, I feel a huge sense of pride from being the reason something works, not the excuse that it doesn't. In this role you need to be adaptable, flexible and happy to meet new challenges on a daily basis.

On my drive home, I'm thinking about my plans for the weekend when I'll be taking my 4X4 on a cross country motorsports rally. It's the challenge that interests me and I can see some parallels with the job I do.

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A day in the life of a Sowga Estimator

As an Estimator in our Head Office, here in the heart of the Sussex countryside, Mark Edwards believes one of the best things about his role is the fact that no two days are ever the same.

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